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Get an SEO Audit report – Discover real insights of your customers and clients into your website and improve even more your SEO performance

SEO Audit Report

Did you spend a lot of money on the SEO, but still – don’t see the results you expected?

Would you like to know why your website isn’t doing what you hoped it would and attracting new customers?

Believe it or not, something as simple as insufficiently formatted headers on your website can have a negative impact on your position in Google search

If you had a professional SEO audit, you would be able to identify the problem which would save both your money and time. A correctly executed SEO Report contains all the issues relating to your website from the point of view of Google algorithms and other search engines.

Our SEO Audit Report will provide you with the following key information with regard to how your current website is performing;

  • How your website compares with the competition

  • What keywords should you pick to be in TOP 10 on Google

  • Is your site even visible to Google; if not why and how to solve it?

  • What is the speed of loading your website and what to change to make it even faster?

  • How clients behave on your website? Are they staying/ leaving and what are they looking at?

  • And many many more…


UX Audit Reports

Many Irish and foreign websites have one common problem – they look almost the same.

It seems to be that the parts of the website (such as navigation, sidebars, individual sections etc) don’t seem to make any sense from the point of view of the user that matters: the customer. The wrong placement of these components can really harm the image of the business.

Putting together and choosing the right placement of your components for your website will give your customer an intuitive sense of flow while navigating your site. This natural flow will prevent your clients from losing interest due to getting lost or being unable to find what they’re looking for. Having a natural user flow immediately guarantees that users visiting your website will know exactly where to click with a higher chance of buying.

We can analyse your website design from both the point of view of the user and of an experienced web developer.

You will be provided with a detailed analysis report which tells you exactly what is going on with your site, the customers you are attracting, their profile, leavers, how long they’re staying and where and why they’re dropping off if that is the case.

With this information, we can develop a site that targets your potential customers and converts them to actual customers.

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