7 Bad Website Designs of Irish Websites From Golden Pages

Today I will present 7 Bad Website Designs of Irish Websites from Golden Pages. I hope you won’t find your website here but if so then I apologize.

Please keep in mind that this is my personal opinion from a web development point of view.

What does a poor website design mean?

When we are talking about website design most of us focus on the colour scheme or general aesthetic view. Although a well-combined colour palette plays an important role in your website design, many business owners forget that a crucial part of website design is a well-defined user’s experience.

We can split user experience among four subsections:

  • Website loading speed like how long will take your website to be completely loaded for new visitors

  • Website animations

  • Website UI / section placement, for example, the position of images, buttons, sliders on your website

  • Website Aesthetic look including colour palette, shapes, decorations, etc.

  • So, as you can see website design is not only a “colour thing”. In today’s article, I will present (in my opinion) TOP 10 worst Irish website design being found on

    I will be judging these websites using four subsections of UX that I’have mentioned earlier.


    #7 – The Face Hairdressing

    Website designed on a simple template with a pixelated background. Dark, gloomy “spaceless” feeling and ridiculous placement of prices making me leave the website immediately rather than scrolling.

    It looks more like a website business card rather than a professional hairdressing studio.

    No contact form, booking online redirect us on the other website which is pretty bad because of the bounce rate. Speaking of the website — If this is a hairdressing studio then why we have fashion models?



    #6 – Carrigaline Organic Hair Studio

    Thick, large and unesthetic dull, grey navigation section mixed with a logo on white background (probably in *.jpg) — sigh.

    No secure connection. I can’t see any content on the homepage which is the most important page of your website.

    The wrong placement of the headings will confuse Google.

    Missing a responsive grid on pages.



    #5 – Bell Transport & Logistics

    Ugly, a greenish website telling me that this is more waste refusal company rather than transport and logistics.

    No mobile-friendly — say goodbye to Google and visitors using smartphones.



    #4 – Yoga Pilates Fitter and Stronger Together

    Do you remember my article when I was talking about why your website shouldn’t use WIX? this is another example.

    The navigation bar is thick, unprofessional and looks silly.

    Large, italic sans-serif font on the background? — hell no. I cannot read the text…

    Distracting yellow “bubbles” popping on the background? — hell no…I cannot read the text.

    Really, really bad website design.



    #3 – Cuddihy & Company

    This website design looks more like a business card template without any content. No links, no navigation, a stock image in the right upper area downloaded from probably Shutterstock gives just 0 impressions.



    #2 – Dental Clinic Dublin

    One rule of thumb when designing a website is to not the white text on the black background (hex colour: #000000). The text has insanely small font making hard to read and golden accent on the heading makes an even worse experience.

    Besides — there’s a Flash plugin in the header area which doesn’t run because nobody uses Flash today.



    #1 – Belly Dance Ireland

    I’m not gonna write anything. The website speaks itself. Images look creative but the design and the placement of navigation are just bad.


    Do you agree or not agree? There you are — 7 bad examples of web design found on GoldenPages.

    Please keep mind that I’m not judging from bad to worst websites. These are only examples of how your website shouldn’t look. If you don’t have experience or time — hire a web developer.