Branding for Small Businesses and Startups in Dublin

We provide Branding for Small Businesses and Startups including – print design (flyers, brochures, posters) Brand Image (logo design, business card design)

Brand Identity

We will build your brand identity based on your customer’s interests and give your brand a new look and personality.

Both factors will evoke your customer’s emotion and will they connect with your brand. This is one of the most efficient online marketing strategies for businesses there is; connecting with people on an emotional level while building your brand identity.


Brand Strategy

You can’t build a home without a good plan.

My branding strategy for small businesses combines all my marketing knowledge and is designed exclusively for your business

We guarantee you three major things with this strategy;

  • You’ll know what is being implemented in order to build your brand and the reason behind it

  • You’ll know what you need to do next in order to expand your business

  • We’ll show you how this can be achieved

Brand strategy is an essential option for people who want to be sure that their product or services will be targeted to the specific group of recipients (customers). In order to achieve this, you need more than just your logo and website. This would require analysis and research – about your competition and customers.

Good brand strategy will give you the overall picture of your consumers habits and behaviours – what they do, what they like, how old are they, and their marital status, etc. Well executed market research about your competition gives you the edge when implementing an effective marketing strategy and can put you in a very advantageous and knowledgeable position.

Brand Image

Did you know that 80% of users choose a product based on aesthetics? Aesthetics are a fundamental and often overlooked aspect that determines a good, solid brand. Unattractive, difficult to recall, easy to forget or unsuitable for print as well as unresponsive logos can discredit any serious company in a few seconds.

An excellent company logo that is both eye-catching and memorable will go a long way to building your brand image, however, it cannot be done on the logo alone.

Creating a logo that speaks to your customers, is memorable and unique, we use the latest and proven vector technologies software (like Illustrator) which work incredibly well on the smallest digital devices such as a smartphone or tablet right up to largest physical carriers – t-shirt printing, poster, and billboard.

We also look after all your stationery needs from personalised business cards right through to leaflets, and posters with each design bespoke to your business

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